Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On salary expectations.

If you've been a job seeker for quite some time now and you religiously read job hunt tips, you should know which way "over-pricing but under-delivering" leads to. It's for certain that today's job market is employee-driven, but the recruiting experts at Hays Singapore warn job seekers to keep their salary expectations realistic, we've read at todayonline.com. Regardless of how honed a job seeker's employee skills are, he/she should take note of the fact that the last recession has taught Singapore employers to be cautious. Yes, there have been news reports about top companies in Singapore having expansion pursuits and looking for suitable candidates to fill in the new posts. However, they know which candidates have a salary agenda and which have clear intentions.

So, review your asking price. While self confidence is good in career building, is this price too much? We invite you to browse Find Jobs to review the latest rates in your field. And then, there's also News Watch where our editors post press releases from partner organizations that can help you quantify things.

Perhaps, our Industry News section can also help. This section contains our editors' interviews with career professionals from different fields, from aviation to social services. Not only will get proper ideas, but also learn the crisscrosses of your chosen field. Tips to impress future job interviewers, anyone?

Exceptions to this case are job seekers in skills-short industries like accountancy and finance. Accounting Jobs, Bank Jobs, and Finance Jobs are very much in demand right now. If you visited this blog yesterday, you should know.

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