Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Education is an important aspect of life. But now that we've managed to sound like preachers, this has to be made clear: This is all for our followers' career development. It has been established many times that education doesn't stop after college; career professionals who are inclined to achieve success in their careers someday understand that continuous learning is an inevitable part of the journey. This is for the simple reason that the work world of today is never at rest and continuously experiencing changes from many factors. To be a successful "player" in this ever-changing plane is to keep oneself updated with learning opportunities and be willing to spend time and money for them.

You don't even have to worry about WHERE to find such opportunities. If you've been a My JobsDB member since a long time ago, you SHOULD have knowledge of JOBSDB Learning -- what it is and how rewarding its career seminars have been/are. Perhaps, you've attended one or at least you've been inclined to hit the Sign Up! button in a subpage of it once.

Okay, why do we sound like naggers? Here's the thing: From being "just", JOBSDB Learning has just been re-branded to become a better provider of seminars on communication skills, sales & marketing, customer service, management & leadership, information technology, and finance. Have you already seen the improvements at But obviously, the improvements go beyond the physical...if you know what we mean.

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