Friday, June 17, 2011

Singaporeans and workaholism

Can Singapore professionals be generalized as a workaholic bunch?

It's given that we, the moderators of this blog, are addicted to our writing jobs -- we'll do just about everything for feedback. And well, we're pretty sure most of our followers value their respective jobs as much as we do ours. But statistically speaking, we'd hardly make a good sample for the entire country's population, right? Given that we represent a well-respected website, we have to be really careful with our words. And so, we cannot just declare that Singapore is a laden of workaholic career professionals over here like we're from an ultra-competitive census firm...or something.

Thing is, we've always wanted to write about this career topic, but lack of time to do an actual survey with a correctly computed sample is preventing us from satisfying the desire 'til now. The results of the latest Robert Half Workplace Survey posted at has given us a sort of redemption, really.

In case you haven't visited in a while, our editors have just boosted Career Advice's already credible line-up with the addition of this press release from Robert Half. According to the press release, 69% of Singapore employees tune into work even when they are out of the office or on holiday, higher than the regional average of 66.1%, confirming something we've long expected from SG's general employee populace. Here are the survey's other findings:

  • Reasons cited include the need to be available in case of an emergency at work (66%) and filtering through work emails to ensure less stress when returning to the office (60%), suggesting rising work pressures.
  • 96% of Singapore employers expect employees to be available/ contactable while on leave or during out-of-office hours.
  • Of those expected to be available/ contactable while on leave or out of office hours, the highest demands are placed on senior management/ director level (75%) staff, followed by middle management (79%).

So, are you a part of "this" majority? What's your reason for extending your working time? Use the comments section below to write your thoughts. We'll be waiting!

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