Friday, December 4, 2009

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

As employees, there are times that we have to work very long hours in order to get the job done. But there are ways for us to control our workload and still make our bosses happy. JobsDB Singapore summarizes three of its most popular work-life balance articles. You can achieve work-life balance by employing one of the following tricks: by "managing" your manager, by making use of your time wisely, or by setting your goals.

"By learning how to manage upwards or manage your manager, you can control your workload, improve your productivity, achieve your professional goals and have a better work-life balance", says Christina Lee, Consulting Services Director of DBM Singapore. Christina believes that by knowing your manager, his likes and dislikes, his style and expectations, and by providing him solutions, you can achieve access easily. “You will be more likely to be considered for that promotion if your manager sees your initiative, problem solving, and decision-making skills”, Christina adds.

Professional Recruiter Carl Mueller, on the other hand, asserts that proper time management is the key to achieve work-life balance. "Time management at work is critical to your long-term career success", He says, "Time management and work performance go hand in hand because time is certainly a finite resource that we can’t buy more of, as much as many of us would like to." According to him, the best way to make better use of your time is to eliminate classic time wasters such as surfing the internet for leisure and unnecessary calls.

Motivational Speaker Neen James advises us to set our goals. By giving us simple tips, he hopes that we'll be able to manage our lives better. Here are his tips:

-Set an appointment with yourself
-Review your goals regularly
-Set up 5 categories or headings for your goals
-Write down your goals
-List the possible obstacles and how to overcome those
-Write the goals in positive language
-Review them twice a day
-Stick your goals around the house
-Share your goals with a buddy
-Allocate timeframes for completion of each goal
-List your reward for each goal you set yourself

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