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Take it From the Experts!

Want to know what it's like working in our country’s strongest industries? JobsDB Singapore gathers top professionals from the industries of Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Tourism. In this article we will share to you the inspiring words of Philip Lim, Managing Director & Head at DBS Franchise & DBS Strategy (Consumer Banking); Alvin Ow, Senior Director, Systems Engineering at Symantec; Poh Yin, Advanced Practice Nurse at IMH; and Quak Sim Hui, Operations Executive at Singapore Zoo. We hope to convince you to focus your career on these paths.

The industry of Banking & Finance is run by passion.
“Like any other job, you must have an interest in it in order to do well", says Philip. To succeed in the Banking & Finance sector, you have to have the interest to work in a heavy financial environment, otherwise, you'll find yourself quitting after a short period of time. The field of banks undergoes changes all the time; as a worker in this field, you need to be open to new approaches and of course, professional in everything you do. You will need to check different scopes and take risks in order to get tasks done.

Those who intend to embark on a career in this industry should also have a knack for customer service, Philip shares to us. Banks are public institutions. It goes without saying that as a bank employee, you will be encountering people of all kinds.

A banking job can be challenging but it's very rewarding not only financially but also personally. You will be experiencing rejections while working in this industry and these pieces of negative memos will push you to become a better person. "One shouldn’t be scared of rejection for it is part and parcel of life. When you become a Customer Service Representative or a Relationship Manager, I’m sure that you’ll face plenty of rejections and complaints from your customers", Philip tells us, "Working in this industry will quicken your maturity. At the end of two years with us, I’m sure you’ll emerge as a better person.”

The field of computers is challenging but fun.
"If one is looking for a highly charged, challenging and fun place to work, look no further", says Alvin, referring to his company and the industry of Information Technology in general. The fact that computers are constantly innovating makes an IT job demanding but exciting. "There is not a single moment where one is not challenging one’s self to innovate and think out of the box", Alvin adds.

Therefore, to succeed in IT, you must be dashing and determined, as the work can drain your energy. You should be willing to be always on the run, in other words. But although a work in this field demands energy and time, it's very fulfilling. Alvin shares to us, "the energy within the company is simply amazing." He explains that in his company, it's not "all work and no play." "We encourage a healthy work-life balance. A positive mind creates a positive work environment", Alvin tell us.

A career in Nursing is all about providing service.
"Nursing provides me with a platform to teach, contribute a part of who I am and make a difference to patients", says Poh. If you desire to help people by providing comfort, the Nursing industry is the best choice for you.

In Poh's case, she provides comfort by assisting students to cope during the critical transition period of adolescence. "The best part being able to see positive changes in students and families, who are now equipped with the tools to help themselves during crisis", she tells us happily.

Indeed, being able to see positive changes in patients is the best thing about being a nurse, any kind of nurse. The compensation may be lower compared to other medical professions, but seeing patients happy pays for it. You won't find any other career that provides a deep satisfaction in helping other people than being a nurse.

Every day is always different and exciting in the Tourism industry.
"Being a tourist attraction, the zoo enables me to meet people from different cultures and background", says Sim Hui. The best thing about working in the tourism industry is you get to meet people from different cultures and walks of life. A job in this field is the closest thing to being a full-pledged traveler but without the hefty expense, of course.

But like in any other industry, a career in Tourism is not all fun. There will be challenges, of course. In Sim Hui's case, she has to anticipate the needs of the guests. She explains, “as an operations executive, I have to understand the needs of all our guests so that they enjoy themselves – from the little ones to the elderly."

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