Thursday, December 17, 2009

JobsDB Singapore's Resume Editing Tips

If you've been jobless for several months and aren't getting any invites for interview, maybe it's time to rewrite your resume. JobsDB Singapore is sure there's something wrong with it. Of course, there's no deadline in getting a new job but the general rule is, if you've sent out your CV dozens of times but aren't getting any replies, you have to do something.

The first thing to do is to proofread. Make sure your resume contains no grammar errors. Then, seek your friend's suggestion.

Next, transform your objective into a power statement. A typical objective is useless as it is self-serving. Employers will prioritize you if you have your objective focused both on your personal growth and theirs. "Employers only care about results - the results you will produce for them on the job whether it will be saving money, solving a problem or increasing profitability. If you can hint within your power statement in a short and compelling way how you will benefit the company, you are on your way to your interview.", says Rita Fisher, Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Put great emphasis on the results you achieved in each position you held. Employers want to hear how efficient are you as a worker. "The use of quantifiable accomplishments, is essential in helping the recruiter see you as money in his or her pocket. Remember this point; you will only capture a headhunter's attention when he or she sees you in terms of commission potential", says Deborah Walker, Certified Career Management Coach.

Pep up the section listing your skills. Make it really detailed. Tracy Laswell Williams, owner of CAREERWriters says, "Creating an opening paragraph or bullet list with the heading "Profile" or "Summary of Qualifications" is an excellent opportunity to present your reader with a thumbnail sketch of who you are, what you're doing with your career, and what your most marketable attributes are." Don't hesitate to include such skills like knowing computer programs or being a strong communicator. In job hunting, there is no room for diffidence. You have to sell yourself in order to get noticed. "[This will create an] impression of you as a living, breathing, unique individual", she continues.

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