Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'How to Succeed When You're the Only One Like You'

How can you advance your career when everyone in your office thinks you're weird? Robin will tell you how.

JobsDB Singapore brings to you, Robin Fisher Roffer, the CEO of Big Fish Marketing and author of "The Fearless Fish Out of Water". Robin shares her tips on career development for people who do things their own way.

"Anyone can perform well when things are going smoothly. However, what determines real character is adversity. To overcome the fear of challenging times or circumstances, look back on a time when you overcame a difficult situation. How did you do it? Apply the same principles. Everyone has a track record of success to draw from, but they forget what they can do when fear takes hold of them. After searching for those winning examples, practice the ABC's of being a fearless fish: Action, Belief and Courage", Robin shares.

The conclusion? Just focus on the positive aspects of your uniqueness and you can reach great heights.

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