Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Noticed at Work

In today's economic climate, to ace a promotion, you have to get your boss' undivided attention first.

You're being ignored?

JobsDB Singapore brings to you, Chris Mead's tips on how to make your boss notice you. Chris is the General Manager of Hays in Singapore; following his tips will surely bring you wonders.

Chris offers the following tips to help you get noticed at work in no time:

1) Make a positive impact. Chris advises, "Make a good first impression at every chance you could through the quality of your work."

2) Add value. "Look to where you can add value", Chris recommends.

3) Upgrade your skills. Chris suggests, "Take every opportunity to volunteer for additional tasks that will not only improve your own employable skill base, but make you even more invaluable to your employer".

4) Made a mistake? "Don't panic", Chris says, “it’s how you handle the aftermath that can show your real strengths".

5) Remember the basics. “Arrive for work on time, show enthusiasm, look and act professionally and be organised", Chris reminds.

The full article is available @ JobsDB Singapore's website. The site also offers lots of other career tips for jobseekers.

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