Monday, December 7, 2009

Four GREAT Industries to Work In

JobsDB Singapore, brings to limelight four commonly overlooked industries and explains why they are actually great to work in.

A Marketing Job Is More Than Just An Office Job.

Marketing people are in charge of promoting the products and/or services of the companies they work for. This is the reason why people think that you lead a boring career if you work as a Marketing Assistant or Manager. JobsDB Singapore speaks with a Marketing professional from a popular publishing company in Singapore and finds proof that a Career in Marketing isn't as boring as it has been labeled by people.

Jasmine J. Goh, the Founder and Sales and Marketing Director of Kids World Media Pte Ltd (the publisher of WaWa in Kids World magazine and Parents World magazine), finds her job exciting. Sure, the need to take care of administration matters is still there, but she gets to have variety in her workload, she says. She gets to meet different people, everyday, for instance. Jasmine narrates, "My mornings usually begin with meeting up with our clients to discuss their advertising plans, or just simply paying them a visit to say hello, as it’s important to maintain good client relations."

You see, a Marketing Job is more than just an office job, it's also job that will teach you how to effectively deal with people. Don't be discouraged to apply to a Marketing Job. Find lots @ JobsDB Singapore’s website.

Hospitality Professionals Work In Teams.

Whoever said that only those with the ability to strategically position themselves in favor of the scales could succeed in the Industry of Hospitality must have been gravely misinformed. Hospitality professionals also work in teams. If you don't have enough self promotion "mojos" up your sleeves and because of that, are afraid to pursue a Hospitality Career, listen to what JobsDB Singapore has to say. JobsDB Singapore finds proof that you don't have to be bold and highly "individual" to succeed in the Industry of Hotels.

Having a Job in Hospitality will actually teach you how to effectively work in a team. Neeta Rajinder Kaur, Front Office Guest Services Manager of Royal Plaza on Scotts tells us, "We are like a big family working together as a team and everyone is always there to lend a helping hand for one another. I enjoy growing with RP and take every learning opportunity to prepare myself for the next step in my career." Yukie Sato, Duty Manager of Pan Pacific Singapore also believes that a hospitality career can improve one's interpersonal skills. She tells us, "My job responsibilities include familiarizing with the hotel operations in its entirety and I enjoy the interaction with my colleagues from other departments."

So, are you still afraid of applying to Hospitality Jobs? We hope not. There are many Hospitality Careers available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Why Pursue A Career In The Human Resources Industry?

Engineers "design" our world. Accountants make this world go round. Doctors keep the future intact. These are what parents always say to encourage their children to take up Engineering, Accounting or Medicine in college. JobsDB Singapore agrees with this ideal, of course. However, parents missed out one field that actually does something more than the three aforementioned. The industry of Human Resources doesn't just re-brand jobs, it actually improves the whole industry of employment.

“To me, working as a Job Re-creator is not about being driven by profits or the bottom line. We are marrying a business entity with a social mission. That’s what I like about this job and this is where we derive our passion for our work,” says Lee Eer Ling, a job re-creator from NTUC.

Be an "innovator", look for a Human Resources job @ JobsDB Singapore's Website.

Lead An "Exciting" Career, Join The Logistics Industry.

If you are looking for a job that will lead you to interesting things and bring you excitement, a position in the Logistics Industry is the best choice for you. Joining the Logistics Industry will introduce you to people of different kinds and expose you to new technologies. Liu Peilin, Technical Executive with the Chemicals & Materials Testing Services of TÜV SÜD PSB, shares with JobsDB Singapore what she likes about her job. "My job is very interesting as it gives me the opportunity to gain exposure to new technologies, new test procedures and new products," she tells us, "There is also a great deal of inter-department collaboration here at TÜV SÜD PSB, so we all work very closely together as a team."

Mak Heng Chwin, Sales Engineer with the Mechanical Services of TÜV SÜD PSB, shares to us the best thing about his Logistics Job. He tells us, "The work is very interesting as we get to do quality assurance and testing for clients from diverse industries."

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