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Work-Life Balance FAQs

JobsDB Singapore addresses some FAQs about Work-Life Balance with the help of Kamal Kant, Principal Consultant of Next Transition.

What is Work-Life Balance?
Trying to schedule an equal number of hours for work and personal activities is an act of work-life balance. "The first key step in work life balance is ensuring you maintain an equilibrium between work and family", Kant explains, "ensuring you spend enough time with your near and dear is critical to maintain balance between your work and private life." The concept may sound unrealistic, but it's actually very workable.

Why should Working Individuals Strive to Achieve Work-Life Balance?
Work-life balance is the key to become a "super employee". And it's free of charge. Kant explains, "whether you are an employer or employee, male or female, supervisor or subordinate, parent, a care giver, jobseeker or just someone who wants to achieve a better balance between work and the rest of his or her life. These sensible policies can benefit each and everyone in the workplace."

What are the dangers of Work-Life Imbalance?
Work-life Imbalance is a major issue in many workplaces today. Trying to survive the painful blows of today's depressed global economy, companies fall into the trap of overworking their people. "The reality of working in today's contemporary organisation is the employees have little work-life balance and this spills-over into their attitudes, behaviour and values in the workplace", says Kant.

How can I Achieve Work-life Balance, then?
Here's the secret to achieving work-life balance: Planning. The more you plan the less stress you will have. Engaging in a formal work-life planning process in a structured disciplined manner will greatly help in overcoming the 'hide and seek' game that often goes on between supervisor and subordinate", explains Kant. Kant argues that planning will build empathic and stress-free workplaces and thus, make employees happier.

What if I'm Not a Great "Planner"?
The best thing for you to do is to take workshops on planning and organizing. Kant explains, attending a career management or a work-life balance workshop will help you develop the methodology and put you on the path of the logical thinking process in creative and innovative ways to develop a partial or total career change plan which allows for a balance between work and personal life".

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