Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Achieve Peak Performance by Improving Your Memory

"The way we use our memory decides what we become", says Nishant Kasibhatla, Grand Master of Memory in Singapore. Whether you are a student or a top executive, your success relies on how you make use of your memory. A sharp memory leads to many achievements as it gives a person a boost in confidence. If you want to improve your memory to advance your performance at school or work, JobsDB.com Singapore and LearningDB.com has something for your this coming 2010.

LearningDB.com brings to you, "Achieving Peak Performance by Improving your Memory" a seminar that aims to teach people how to use powerful information and memory management techniques to improve productivity. The seminar will be tackling the following:

-introduction to proven memory systems
-applications for memory techniques in the workplace
-memory techniques
-turbo-charging brain power

Quoting from LearningDB.com, "Nishant packs this workshop full of practical tools, techniques and skills that will save you heaps of time and boost your professional success!"

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg


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