Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here's How You Can Put Your Company Ahead in the Economic Upturn...

Singapore's only paperless career expo is back! Scheduled to take place March next year, JobsDB.com Career Expo 2010 is now accepting company participants. JobsDB Singapore recommends companies who wish to get ahead in the economic upturn to sign up. JobsDB.com Career Expo 2010 is a good platform to reach excellent candidates. Of course, participating in the event can strengthen your corporate profile too!

With 200 company participants and 70,000 attendees, last year's career expo was a success. It was a blast! See scenes from our career expo last year at http://careerexpo.com.sg/. We are fairly confident that next year's will be busier now that our country's economy is picking up.

What are you waiting for? If your company is looking for new talents, drop us a note asap.

To find out more about JobsDB.com Career Expo 2010, please contact us at 6861 1000, or email to careerexpo@jobsdb.com.sg.

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