Friday, December 18, 2009

Three Questions for Desperate Job Hunters

If you've been jobless for months even though you've been sending your resume around diligently, let JobsDB Singapore ask you...

Are you using a proper email address? An "unconventional" email address can be held against you when it comes to applying for a job. Remember, your email address is the first piece of information about you that employers get. Sue Donnem, a career advice writer shares to us, "even in unconventional careers, an oddball email address may raise red flags with people who could help you get to the top. For example, if your dream is to become a celebrity personal assistant, and your email address is, you likely will not be as successful as someone whose email address is" In other words, you have to create a "professional" email address, if you want to ace your dream job fast.

Are you limiting your search in one sphere? Fact is, only a small number of job seekers find jobs though print or internet. Search in both. Build a network as well.

Have you tried cold calling yet? In layman's terms, called calling means uninvited job hunting. "You can't find out about available job openings unless you dig for them", says Dr. Randall Hansen, Webmaster of Quintessential Careers. In job hunting, there is no room for diffidence. List down the companies you want to work for and call them if they are interested in taking you in.

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What Does Your Email Address Say to Employers? by Sue Donnem

Cold Calling: A Time-Tested Method of Job-Hunting by by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.