Monday, January 3, 2011

Cheers to a productive 2011! For your training & development. Plus, job openings.

A plan for career development may take a tremendous effort to create, but it's quite astonishing how much help is available online, with Singapore gracing the spotlight. Don't be afraid to move -- we've got it all covered!

What really makes us, moderators to this blog, feel good about our jobs is that the realm of career is so wide there's no way we'll run out of ideas to talk about. Learning and development happens to be one aspect that's included in our roster of favourites alongside resume writing, job interviewing, managing a career, reducing stress, and EQ skills. What does these facts imply? That you should read this.

Heh. Kidding aside, if you are without resources with regards to your learning (which we greatly doubt if you've been hanging out on this blog for a long time already), reading this post will benefit you in a great degree.

Think of this as an act of making up if you will, but you should really be excited over what our editors have scheduled under Career Events and for the first quarter of this year. Couple that with the fact that Career Expo 2011 is going to be held on March already. We've got every reason to be this excited! You should be excited too.

Our personal standards are simple: something must be out of ordinary before we call it great and see it as worthy to be ecstatic over. January for and is worth more than the word extraordinary, the thing is. That should probably enough to convince you to stay and read until the end. After all, you've rested well enough during the holidays, right?

We know... we've promoted these career seminars already during the holidays, but think of this post as a reminder if you've signed up and a last minute promotion from us if you're still contemplating whether to attend or not. We're being pushy for a reason.

Career Events has enlisted the help of image consultant Audrey Quek to give you a seminar on personal branding, a growing concern among working professionals in today's work world of impressions. Unleash Your Image Power Through Dressing and Etiquette is set to be held on Jan 22. Have you signed up? Don't miss this chance to learn about professional imaging, sign up now at

How about We're not planning to give each of these entries a feature for today (so no complaining please). We'd like to believe that their titles are enough to incline you to enlist your name. Complete list here:

  • Jan 17-18 : Business Finance for Non-financial Managers with John Ho
  • Jan 20 : Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff with Shirley Taylor
  • Jan 13 : Mind Your English with Sandra Sandu-Reeves
  • Jan 19 : Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills with Shirley Taylor
  • Jan 19 : Smart Time Management with Sandra Sandu-Reeves
  • Jan 21 : POWER E-MAILS that get results! with Sandra Sandu-Reeves
  • Jan 21 : Emotional Intelligence at Work with Leslie Choudhury
  • Jan 31 : EQ Techniques - To Improve Personal Effectiveness At Work with Chua Bee Choo

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to You can also visit

But because the first session of Effective Business Writing with Florence Au for 2011 is going to be held this Thursday already, we probably should give it some space. Florence has been training adult learners in business communication for about 23 years; attending is more than an investment!

Same goes for Chua Bee Choo's Telephone Skills for Service Professionals. Specially recommended for those with customer service jobs, sales jobs, receptionist jobs, secretarial jobs, admin jobs, and IT support jobs.


Alright, we like pooping parties, but we're not sociopaths. We intend this addendum to serve as proof for two facts: that we know it's only been three days since New Year and that we're still in the celebratory mood like you guys.

We didn't mean the earlier paragraphs to turn out gruff, really. And so, please join us as we raise a toast for a prosperous 2011 for all of us. Happy New Year, everyone!

How did your New Year go? We hope your answer to that is great. Hopefully, you've rested well enough for a non-stop job search or career building this year.

Job hunters, we're expecting the number of jobs in our database to rise again this month and also for Singapore accounting jobs, banking jobs, HR jobs, insurance jobs, engineer jobs, IT jobs, and marketing jobs to remain as our top jobs throughout the year. We suggest you bookmark Find Jobs to witness the taking course of all that.

Same goes for career professionals who are looking to receive a salary increase or other employee benefits this year. Our editors have hinted that Career Advice will be getting exciting updates soon. What better way to witness that but by visiting regularly, or better yet bookmark it.

As for contests... we're planning to talk with our editors later today to get updates on this, so stay tuned. But what's sure is that such marketing efforts will continue this year. For now, just send us your What's your dream job? entry, if you haven't yet or if you're done, comment on the existing entries at It's a great way to meet new friends!

It's not yet too late to post this pic from our editors here, right? Singapore
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