Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's start this month off with seminar offerings.

You know, it isn't only students (who are in danger of failing) who can write 500 words or more in less than 15 minutes. It's a form of magic that professionals with writing jobs -- whether a media job or technical writer job -- can do too. We do it a lot, you know.

Okay, enough with the "you knows". But seriously, much like how those with accounting jobs can mentally compute 4-digit numbers with ease or how those with civil engineer jobs or architect jobs can sketch structures even without a ruler, writers can still come up with coherent words despite being stressed . Today, we're very stressed, but we'd like to think we're currently phrasing our thoughts fine. Are we?

Anyway, we don't want to have this turn out like last Thursday when we barely made a point and just filled every nook and cranny with rants. Granted, we tend to be very enjoyable to read when ranting, but still, there is no discounting the fact that we have a job to keep: We have to keep you guys interested.

Since today is the very first day of August (Yay! A new month), the best route to take is to list down the upcoming training opportunities from JobsDB Learning. We've already emphasized far too many times how important career seminars are in the task of career building. Attending such events is essential if you want to achieve success, so to speak. Signing up for at least one of these can be beneficial for you career:

Build winning teams | 0.5day(s)
Microeconomics in the ASEAN Region | 2day(s)
Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced | 2day(s)
Microsoft Office Introduction 2007 | 1day(s)
Microsoft Excel 2007 Basic to Intermediate | 2day(s)
EQ Techniques - To Improve Personal Effectiveness At Work | 1day(s)
Inspire and build teams | 1day(s)
Microsoft Excel 2007 Power Functions 1 | 2day(s)
Photoshop CS5 Fundamentals | 3day(s)
Microsoft Access 2007 Basic to Intermediate | 2day(s)
How To Be An Inspiring & Motivating Manager | 0.5day(s)
PMET Career Skills Workshop (11-12 Aug) | 2day(s)
Conflict Resolution | 1day(s)
Letters of Credit– Understanding the Pitfalls | 2day(s)
Effective Business Writing | 2day(s)
Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced | 2day(s)
Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced | 2day(s)
How to be driven | 0.5day(s)
Cashflow success | 0.5day(s)
Building Relationships for Success in Sales | 1day(s)
Energise your E-mail Writing Skills | 1day(s)
Developing an Effective Employee Handbook Workshop | 1day(s)
Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Email Module) | 1day(s)

Details can be read at And oh, we'd like to hear your feedback.
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