Wednesday, August 17, 2011

desk managerment, part 2

To achieve career success, you will need your desk. And so, it is absolutely necessary for you to keep your desk as work-efficient as possible or spotless. It may seem unimportant but, a dirty desk can keep you from excelling in your accounting job or banking job or engineer job or telecom job.

Here's part 2 of our 'desk management' appreciation:

Replace your figurines with items that induce productivity. Pictures of your children or role models will inspire you just by seeing them and so, they are totally worth the space on your desk. We also suggest that you set up a bulletin board where you can post your goals and some items that carry good vibes with them like inspirational cards and flyers.

We also want you to organize the electronics items on your desk. Place your telephone on your left side if you are right handed or vice versa. This will make it easier to write notes. As for your computer, set the monitor right in front of you, but not too close, of course. A properly positioned monitor will eliminate stress on your muscles. It is more convenient to be looking at the monitor straight versus needing to tilt your neck to adjust.

And speaking of telephone notes, keep a planner! This will prevent you from jotting down important notes on multiple sheets of paper which can be quite messy.

You need more desk management tips? We have featured a book entitled "Detox your Desk" by Theo Theobald and Cary Coopin in our Good Reading section. For more information on the book, please proceed to You can see the book's cover below. Our post yesterday has it.