Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reasons to stay COMPETITIVE

When you have a writer job, you feel crazy all the time. You have not slept for years because your brain is always working. In order to stay competitive, you have to constantly change your perspective.

That is why writers are arrogant and they refuse to admit defeat. Succumbing to writer's block even for a day feels like a big loss even when writers know it is not -- It is hard to shake that feeling that you could have tried better and might have been able to come up with at least 100 words. For your pride. For your readers.

We are pretty sure professionals from other industries -- specifically, those with medical jobs, manager jobs, engineer jobs, accounting jobs, and financial jobs -- have the same competitiveness. The Singapore job market has always been a rocky plain not only for jobseekers but also to career builders, to begin with. If you slack off, you will miss a number of great opportunities. There is not time for regrets.

Are you a professional in these industries or currently job hunting? These are the reasons for you to stay competitive.

ACCOUNTING: "My advice for those who wish to embark on a career in accounting is to really start early. This is because this is not a profession where you can start one day and expect to know a lot overnight. You will need to gain a lot of experience and knowledge from working with the people around you as well as developing your networks." ~Ms Elaine Chong of ICPAS.

One shouldn’t be scared of rejection for it is part and parcel of life. When you become a Customer Service Representative or a Relationship Manager, I’m sure that you’ll face plenty of rejections and complaints from your customers. Working in this industry will quicken your maturity. At the end of two years with us, I’m sure you’ll emerge as a better person." ~Mr Philip Lim of DBS

Innovative products – new gadgets and innovation really excites me. I love watching out for the next big thing to hit the market. Even if it’s just a fad – it just goes to show how easily people get bored and how limitless the human mind is at inventing." ~Loke Weng Yew of Dyson

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