Friday, August 26, 2011

What more could a qualified candidate do to improve his/her chances for a job?

There are few things sadder in this life than hearing from a jobseeker who has been having a hard time landing a job despite having excellent qualifications. A few weeks ago, we chatted with one on Facebook.

You know our ideals:

  • A run-of-the-mill approach is a big NO, given the cut-throat competition for Singapore jobs. Writing a 'personalised' resume and cover letter for every job ad is possibly, the only way to get interview invites.
  • You cannot get away victorious from an interview without preparing answers before-hand. Nor would you be able to impress by being late.
  • It takes courage to follow up for the status of a job application, but if you do, you'd one up your chances. It would communicate your sincerity for the job.

All these... this jobseeker had already tried doing. And despite the efforts, nothing good had reached his/her end. Even this didn't do the trick:

10 Questions to ask if you still haven't found a job

Our formula for a perfect job search has been challenged the first time in almost two years.

Not that we're complaining. There's both a good and a bad in this scenario. On a positive note, this goes to prove that our efforts for achieving interactivity is working. On the other hand, much as we'd want to solve this jobseeker's problem once and for all, we don't know how to...yet.

The reason why we'd opened this up is we want to ask for your opinions. It is given that competition for jobs in Singapore is so cut-throat it can even challenge the belief systems of the most optimistic. Much more so when you happen to be searching for bank jobs, accounting jobs, engineer jobs, and hr jobs. And so, we ask you to take part in a short survey we made.

Can't see the survey? Alternatively, you may Click here to take survey

We promise to share with you the results. For now, please help us to decide what to advice the jobseeker.