Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do you fit these job interview stereotypes?

We have only ourselves to blame for the lack of organisation on this blog. We didn't listen to our editor's pleas a year ago; now, we are -- no reason to sugarcoat it -- suffering from repetition, lack of innovation, and boredom with regards to our writing job. Granted, we are naturally weird so it is easy to motivate us, even things as simple as video games can get the job done. Still, the thought of being irresponsbile stings like citrus to an open wound and the fact that we cannot do anything about it just makes things worse. We have to admit, this is one of the reason why we are currently very stressed -- the realization got us on the rocks.

Anyway, those are not rants. Those are attempts of explaining why our posts these days lack humor -- something very uncharacteristic of us if you ask our long-time followers. At least, we know our responsibilities, right?

Nevertheless, before we pull out more rants, the plan for today is to feature the newly re-branded JobsDB Campus and its hardworking writers. Hey, it's not the first time we featured http://campus.sg.jobsdb.com/ over here since its re-branding, so you should already know how fun it has become.

We've talked about job interviewing many times, but we've never thought of tackling the task of writing about it in as humorous a manner as this one by Tan Pei Si at http://campus.sg.jobsdb.com/SG/2011/06/07/the-stereotypical-job-interviewee.html. We recommend those searching for fresh grad jobs and student jobs to read the article so to avoid falling into a stereotype that will weird out any interviewer and may lessen your chances for the job. Whether you are looking for an entry level accounting job or engineering job, this one's a good reference to prepare you.

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