Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All in one.

By the middle of 2010, we were at our prime, to an extent that saw us obsessing over word limits -- that we wouldn't call it a write up until it reached 600 or so words. In order to feed that desire for public service (and well, in an attempt to build a name in the blogging industry as well), we'd written with so much intensity. Everything was well: our followers were equally as happy as we were.

Nothing much has change since that time. The only thing about this blog that has gone into a critical decline is the level of interactivity. What was once a common place over here is now a rarity that we strive to get back every day. Yesterday's post is a testament to this desire and we just hope to attract more answers.

One proof to our 'alleged' hyperactivity during 2010 is the blog, http://accounting-jobs-singapore.blogspot.com/. It hasn't been updated for so long and of course, we acknowledge our faults. But here's the thing: if you are currently looking for accounting jobs in Singapore (and still find our DB complicated or troublesome), this is the website to bookmark.

We plan to make a blog like this for engineer jobs and banking jobs and finance jobs as well. Do you want us to pursue with the plan? Just drop a note and we'll tell you what we think right away.

And that's it. We're actually still straightening things out. Your feedback is going to be treated important.

RE the questions we posted yesterday, the answers are here:

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