Monday, August 8, 2011

Think about it.

Carefully examine your current job and career situation. Are you unhappy and burdened by job related problems? Are your progressing?

Accounting jobs, banking jobs, engineer jobs, design jobs, sales jobs, medical jobs -- all jobs can answer to financial needs, but only some can promise to you genuine career advancement. Does yours offer a future? If yes, devise a plan to conquer its criss and crosses. If yours is a dead end job, we suggest you find a way to get your feet moving on a track with future ASAP. Are we suggesting career change? It depends on your situation.

Once you get yourself familiarized with career development, you will learn that it is not just about schooling and training. Education will allow you to fine tune your career development plan but that is it. You will also need to do some adjustments on how you perceive your job, how you deal with your co-workers and how often you communicate with your boss.