Monday, August 15, 2011

Rambling about career issues...yet again.

Golly gee. Before anything else, we'd like to thank those who helped to promote our last post on Twitter. Yes, the post below this one. It's just that... it's been so long since a post of ours got 10+ RTs. Goes to show we're still (actually) capable of sprouting smart career messages and that we haven't thoroughly bummed our followers with nonsense and rants.

Granted, we knew we weren't going to be able to come to work that Friday. And so, we gave this article everything, presupposing that it could stand as a discussion instigator for two days. Guess, it worked. Conclusion: We have to make sense more often.

Anyway, here's a little follow-up on some of the points we've established there:

POINT no. 1: Learning. We think we've already worded our thoughts on continuous education very well and a follow-up isn't necessary. But here's the thing, we're doing this for those who haven't been informed of JobsDB Learning's re-branding yet, to make them realise how it has become so comprehensive now.

And well, we want to make a segway (sub-promotion) about OnBOARDING WORKSHOP. This is a first time in Asia and those with HR Manager Jobs and Recruitment Jobs are greatly encouraged to consider availing seats in it for their employees. The tagline "How to get your new employees up to speed in half the time" should be enough as an encouragement as it speaks volumes about what this seminar is going to be about -- employee productivity and working smarter not JUST harder. Just imagine your savings if the seminar actually worked and made a mark to your employees.

POINT no. 2: Improving on your networking skills. There are many benefits to keeping a healthy career network and its handiness when a need for a career change arises is just one. If you have career friends, your need for career advice will always be met and that's without a price. See why you should network?

POINT no. 3: Going the extra mile. Now, this is where we MUST make some clearings. Are we asking you guys to forget about vacations and devote all your time and energy to work? Not really; the idea of our point no. 3 is making the most out of your time at work, not ALL your time. Showing up on time always and doing your job properly will give you a reliable brand, which in turn, can aid you to a promotion.

We guess we need not elaborate on points 4 and 5? Do tell us if you have questions.

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