Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We interrupt the celebrations to bring you this short note

So it's Singapore's birthday today. While everyone's at home with their families and relaxing (or preparing to watch the National Day Parade together later, either way), we are, unsurprisingly and sadly, in the office. The reason? It's so we can continue with our brand of public service. Not that we're complaining -- hey, at least the internet's faster here and we can be better connected with the goings-on -- it's just that we don't want to ruin the celebratory mood for you.

Okay, we won't. There won't be any mention of Singapore jobs today nor are we planning to ramble yet again about a career issue. The mere mention of accounting jobs, banking jobs and engineer jobs over here could stress you out and we know that. This post is just to let everyone know that we are -- however cynical we may be -- as static about the National Day as you. So, let's all say this together:

Enjoy your holiday!