Wednesday, August 24, 2011

career advice for the pessimistic (and for everyone else)

There are many possibilities in career and this is both a good and a bad thing. We all know that downward slopes in career are some of the most depressing in life and it happens that not all career professionals are as optimistic as sunshine. Browse through job boards and forums and you'll understand what we mean.

This realisation gave us a shake, needless to say. What's the best possible way to address this issue to help our readers who get easily depressed? This is a challenge we won't back out of, given that we can relate personally.

Okay. After a good hours of thinking, we've resolved that an average career professional can encounter at least 7 career issues in his/her life; namely (feel free to add, this is a 'career forum' after all):

Regarding the issue of 'job search', we stand by our belief that a run-of-the-mill approach will not do you any good. Competition for Singapore jobs has been pretty cut-throat since the last decade and to stand out from a sea of equally competitive jobseekers is to EFFORT. Each job ad deserves a 'personalised' cover letter and resume from you. You won't get a job anytime soon if you think this is too troublesome.

Regarding the issue of 'work productivity', the key is scheduling your tasks and this is somehow related to 'Job Dissatisfaction'. Routines can be tiring, so in order to survive in 'heavily' office-based positions like accounting jobs, hr jobs, admin jobs, it jobs, and telecom jobs, a special scheduling of tasks is advised to be done. Which part of the day/week are you usually most active/alive? Schedule your most tiresome tasks during those times/days and set yourself to do the easiest during your slowest hours/days.

The reason why we're so much into 'Networking' is that it is useful in many ways. First, it can provide you extra access to jobs in case of a sudden job loss. Second, networking is a good way to get free career advice. So, sharpen your networking skills.

'Job Loss' and 'Career Change' are related to job search, but the catch is, you have to give the most focus on your experience -- so, experience as an advantage is the idea.

For the issue of 'Salary Increase'...actually, we only have two things to say: Research and Develop guts. The combination is a killer.