Thursday, August 4, 2011


Remember when we said we could get motivated even by the simplest of things? Sadly, we were unable to find a motivator (something!) to head today's discussion: We checked this morning and we found nothing interesting -- not even the recent decline of the manufacturing sector (we know, we should, but...) -- in our favourite newspaper, apparently. So what you will get today is a short feature, containing the most colorful advertisements at

Hey, at least we are honest. Plus, we have not posted images over here since a long time ago. So we guess, this stance is perfectly reasonable and goes beyond us being lazy?

Okay, the true reason for us doing this is this: National Day Parade is just around the corner and we do not want to ruin the celebratory mood by bombarding you with too much Singapore Jobs and remind you of your current stresses--though, our DB has just received new accounting jobs, banking jobs, engineer jobs, IT jobs and admin jobs... just FYI-- nor do we want you to get worked up by rewriting another article from Career Advice. We want to warn our new followers of the fact that we have the habit of over-stuffing (check our Archives... last year circa December).

Another reason: We have completely ran out of topics to talk about. Care to suggest and relieve us of our problems?