Monday, August 22, 2011

Straightening things out. Please take part in our little survey...

We call this web space a 'career forum' rather than an 'ezine' chiefly because our moderation approach is experiential. We speak in layman's terms. We don't shy away from inviting everyone to talk back. We effort in connecting with our followers. We don't just talk about the nature of Singapore jobs, rather we invite you guys to go to our DB and apply. Intense interactivity is what we're after and although our little blog is still far from being a stomp or sgclub incarnate, we'd like to think that we're doing just fine. We hope to be as busy as those forums someday soon, so can you help us?

Not that we're forcing you to comment or promote our articles via your Twitter or what. But if you can, your efforts will help a lot. If you don't find our posts interesting anymore and you don't think they deserve re-posts and re-promotions, please help us to improve. Your questions can be an excellent source of ideas for discussion and who knows, we might be able to write something good about it. These ideas imply great possibilities that we can achieve together.

Perhaps, we should do it in reverse this time around. We have tons of questions in career bottled up that can probably spark healthy conversations. If it happens that some of you guys can relate, feel free to elaborate via the comments section and we'll reply right away. Here they are:

  1. I haven't received an interview invite in a while although I'm active in sending out my resume. What could possibly be wrong?
  2. What is EPEC and why do I need to read about it if I'm a foreigner and wish to apply for Singapore positions?
  3. Is your resume error-free? What is your idea of a perfect resume?
  4. I am being troubled by office politics? With this hindrance, how do you think I can continue going upward in my career?
  5. Where can I find good training opportunities and career seminars?
  6. Is it possible to switch careers to another field without getting stuck with facing consequences? Say from an accounting job to an IT job? Or an engineer job to an architect job?
  7. How do you deal with job loss in a positive note? How can you make productive use of the excessive free time? Is social work a viable option?
  8. Is there a 'correct' way of answering the "Is there anything else you would like to ask us?" question from a job interviewer?

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