Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post-celebration suggestions. #backtowork

As tough as wanting something can be, there's nothing worse than being confused or undecided in today's work world, given how fast trends come and go nowadays. This career advice is most relevant to jobseekers but career builders are greatly encouraged to already put a dot on those career issues that they've held for the longest time as well. The more solid your ideals, the less you will suffer the consequences of job dissatisfaction, lack of work life balance, and other similar career problems.

Jobseekers who are not yet members of My JobsDB are advised to sign up for the service now at Receiving access to Job Alerts is a major benefit of doing so-- imagine having the privilege of getting Singapore jobs delivered to your mailbox. And although Career Advice is available for viewing to anyone on the web, My JobsDB will inform you of its updates. It's similar to having a secretary, although this one doesn't come with a price.

Our message for career builders? One thing's for sure -- these day aren't the best for career change or any other move of similar depth. There have been news reports that the Singapore economy will experience downs in the coming quarters. But if you really must switch jobs (or do something drastic in your career amid the warnings of instability), we suggest that you read these career articles:

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WE still have a hang-over. Yesterday was a blast.

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