Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Benefits of Having a Personal Brand in Job Search

A company's brand is what defines it -- in a plethora of competitors, a company's brand is what prevents it from dissolving in the deepest pits of bankruptcy. The brand is what the people buy from a company to begin with, not its product or service. In other words, the brand is what sells.

You could say that entrepreneurs are obsessed with branding, but well, it's what they need to do in order to succeed in their endeavors. As for you, job seeker, JobsDB SG has no other advice to give but to follow their lead. What do entrepreneurs have to do with your career success? To put it bluntly, most companies bite resumes whose owners have firm "personal brands". Popular author, Brenda Bence once said "defining and communicating a strong “job-seeker personal brand” can help you to maintain your place and become not just the #1 choice, but the candidate hired for the job."

How do you make these firm "personal brands"? Establishing brands in business is all about how you want customers to feel about your product or service; in job search, it's not entirely different. The process is the same, but yours will not be as expensive -- it'll just be about thinking and planning. Ask yourself, what is it that you have that companies could benefit largely from? You're polite? A polite personal brand will have you being courteous and not too aggressive in all of your interviews, for instance. You'll start to feel the benefits of having a personal brand at the follow-up interviews phase. P.S. Don't ruin everything by forgetting the personal brand you established from the start!

Why is this worth trying? having a consistent personal brand during job search will give you an edge over others. It will give you a consistent image -- and that's what most interviewers like.

Remember, there is no other person in this world who knows your personality like you do -- your personal brand depends on how you want to achieve career success. That's why eager job seekers are better of in terms of establishing personal brands than those who take their job search for granted. We wish you all the luck in your job hunt.

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