Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Singapore Temp Jobs

The recent global economic hiccup brought something positive out of the Singapore market. Originally, the Singapore market had been reluctant to embrace contract workforce; the recent global market drama, however, taught employers to value short term employment staffing for its cost-effectivity. This led to the increase of temp and contract jobs and people applying for them and a significant drop at the country's unemployment rate.

Chris Mead, General Manager of Hays Singapore summarized perfectly what employers found out about getting temp staff in an article he shared with Singapore. “Temporary and contract staff can provide emergency support, allowing you to buy in skills to complete specific projects,” He said. “The best part is that these staff will hit the ground running, giving you immediate results for your investment."

But this is not to say that Singapore job seekers started to bite temp opportunities due to lack of options. More job seekers are applying for temp jobs now because of the new exciting prospects the come with such jobs. Chris told us, "For candidates, temporary and contract roles mean an opportunity to work across a range of organisations and industries and gain a broader working experience. Work-life balance is also better managed, as candidates are able to choose their own hours and work conditions."

To summarize,

  • A contract position is a very good source of income.
  • Temp workers are expected to do/produce more than their regular counterparts. Career enhancement comes by much faster for contract employees, in other words.
  • Work-life balance is possible in this setup.

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