Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery" and other business seminars from LearningDB...

Running a business is not as simple as launching a marketing campaign and then waiting for customers to come automatically -- if you believe that running a business is like that, you're not fit to be an entrepreneur to begin with. It takes guts to become an entrepreneur. December last year, JobsDB SG posted an article about entrepreneurship and in said article, we left a message that went along that idea.

Good entrepreneurs are prepared to deal with many kinds of situations. What are these situations? The word "situation" in the business vocabulary doesn't just mean needing to deal with competition or needing to find ways to increase profit with limited resources. In business, you have to think of effective credit control strategies or debt recovery strategies as well, for instance. Just because you're an entrepreneur and you have no worries about getting laid-off, doesn't mean that you don't need to effort on your skills development. LearningDB.com offers business seminars that you might want to attend. This is one:

Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery with expert, George Goh will empower participants with fool-proof techniques on credit management and debt recovery. The seminar will be discussing:

  1. Effective Credit Assessment & Risk Evaluation
  2. Practical Aspects of Financial Analysis in Credit Evaluation
  3. Understanding the Factors Influencing a Credit Decision and the Pitfalls Involved
  4. Developing Effective Collection System and Procedures
  5. The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Phone
  6. Collection Tools and Techniques - Review of DOs and DON'Ts
  7. Laying the Groundwork to Make Collection Efforts Produce Results
  8. How to Deal with Delaying Tactics & Reduce Credit Exposure of Difficult Customers
  9. Collecting from Financially Distressed Debtors
  10. What Went Wrong? Useful Lessons for Staff Involved in Collection
  11. Highlights of the Legal Perspective in Debt Collection
  12. Negotiating for A Settlement
  13. Reporting and Convicting a Debtor of a Criminal Offence

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg.

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