Friday, February 19, 2010

Tapping "Hidden" Jobs

Job seekers, listen. While SG is a great way to find job openings in Singapore, good opportunities can also be found outside its borders. When it comes to job hunting in Singapore, we are out of the question of course, but there are job sources that career entities like JobsDB SG just can't tame and as inclined as we are in helping job seekers land a job asap, we want you to check them out. To increase your chances of landing a rewarding job, it pays to use other resources as well aside from

The Singapore job market is tricky, really and exploring it can tire out even the most optimistic of minds. But despite how complex our country's employment plane is, ways to conquer it do exist. The theory that there are jobs in Singapore that are hiding from mass media is not just an arm chair theory and proper exposure and personal marketing are the keys to tapping these hidden career gems.

Networking and The Government

The truth is, most people get their jobs through contacts. Competition at job sites is really tough, and so frequenting networking events and career fairs is to your advantage. Network to get your dream job. You can improve your contacts list by doing that. The local chamber of commerce can point you to networking fairs. The upcoming JobsDB .com Career Expo 2010 can lead you to people who can help you out as well. It will be on March 26-28, FYI.

The government is a mine of "hidden" jobs. Government careers are largely unexplored -- for some reason, here in Singapore, preference is given to private employment. We want you to explore public service careers this time in your job search. Having a government job may not be as "elite" as being hired by a private company, but it is very rewarding. Better stability, good salary, fewer work hours, and superb employee benefits are just some of the many advantages of being a government employee.

But of course, do not stop exploring the Singapore jobs we have in our database. In fact, new jobs and opportunities has just been added to the following industries:

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Medical Services

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