Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The News -- A Great Career Resource for Job Seekers

JobsDB Singapore WANTS you to explore as much job hunt resources as you can, hence this post. As we've said, this year is all about being aggressive. Abiding to our strategies and reading our book picks are not enough, but don't get the idea that we're torturing you. JobsDB SG and books aren't the only available resources out there that you can make use of to improve your career prospects, after all. What about the news?

Here's the thing: in today's unpredictable employment market, it pays to take note of the news. The news is an important aspect in job search -- that's what we're trying to say. When it comes to job search, timing is everything. Fortune telling won't give you anything good; reading the news is the only way to achieve timing. The dogma here is pretty simple: if you want to ace a job asap, you need to focus your job search on industries that are doing great as of talking. No matter how much you improve your qualifications, you won't get a job under an industry that's on a slump. How do you know which industries are doing great and which are not? By reading the news.

Major publications don't always feature news about the employment market, so how can you achieve timing? SG is the key. We know how valuable the news is to job hunting and so, aside from career advice articles we also feature news articles regularly. Our Newswatch section is designed to help job seekers like you to get to know the latest about Singapore's employment market. Bookmark our Newswatch page today to be up to date.

"Why The Job Market is Still Bright for Job Seeker" is one of the latest articles in Newswatch. According to this article from Hays Singapore, the following industries will stay in good shape for the next few quarters:

Information Technology

What to do? Why, consider focusing your job search on these industries. You might want to read our other Newswatch articles to get more information.

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