Monday, February 22, 2010

Mind Mapping

What does it take to become a good top executive? CEOs are the same as us in most aspects (of course), but they are really good in a certain technique. What technique, you ask? Mind Mapping.

Learning how to mind map is a great way to improve your mental performance at work. How do you mind map? The technique is all about understanding the structure of a subject "piece by piece" and so, it can enhance your problem solving skills. The technique abandons the conventions of note taking as it shows the importance of individual points. It lets you understand the subject deeper and better. Knowing how to mind map will let you hold information in such a way that your mind finds easy to review.

Yes, mind mapping sounds complex but it's not hard to learn. Much like the case with other skills, you just need some good lecturing from an expert to learn it. Finding "this" expert won't be a problem. Well, is here. SG's training and development arm presents to you this mind mapping workshop with career expert Sandra Sandu-Reeves.

Here's how this seminar will go:

  1. Twelve Mind Mapping guidelines
  2. Mind Mapping do's and don'ts
  3. Multiple Mind Mapping Applications
  4. Mind Mapping Practice - Individual and group
  5. Understanding how the Brain Functions
  6. Visuals Links - Perceptual Thinking in Pictures
  7. Mind Maps for brainstorming, Problem Solving, Failure analysis, Trouble shooting, Event planning, SWOT analysis, Cause and Effect, Analysis and Big picture thinking.
  8. Evaluating Mind Maps
  9. Stimulating Creativity and Continuous Improvement at work

Managers from Sales and Customer Service, Marketing, Admin, Finance, and Engineering are advised to attend, but those who want to improve their career prospects are also welcome.

This is just one of the many LearningDB seminars in store this coming March, BTW. Get ahead of others when it comes to career, mark your calendars with this:

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