Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of Job Interviews and First Impressions

JobsDB Singapore's business is to help job seekers with their endeavors. That's why we don't just feature job openings and career workshops in this blog of ours. We also "make things up" for you. Last week's blog entries were about job hunting, right? Although writing those entries ate plenty of time, we had fun. And tbh, we kind of miss having fun that way, hence this short commentary.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Sounds familiar? It's the most popular saying about first impressions. Today, we'll be talking about this concept. Why write about a cliche? Well, why not? Let JobsDB SG tell you, first impression is something that you shouldn't take for granted as a job seeker. It will play an important role in the success of your job hunting -- it will decide the result of your interviews, to be more exact. According to the basic principles of psychology, first impressions carry the most weight. Job interviews and first impression connect, right?

What do we always say regarding job interviews? To dress up properly-- that's one. What else? We also want you to practice speeches, right? If you are an avid follower of this blog, you should have already realized the importance of following these two by now. They're the keys to good first impression . That's the reason why we say them in our blog posts over and over again.

So, give all you've got to make a good first impression in your next interview. Remember to:

  • Dress to impress (yes, again)
  • Be on time for the appointment
  • Be patient. waiting is a part of job hunting
  • Smile
  • while being interviewed, be attentive. show the interviewer that you are a good listener
  • Make your answers as impressive as possible (that's why we want you to practice, right?)

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