Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decoding Your Boss

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The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is developing self trust -- for employees, it is building a strong connection with their boss. There is no easy way out when it comes to achieving career success really, but, thinking about the success stories of most people will make you realize how much a good working relationship with your boss can give you. That'll be a great source of motivation. Your boss is your key to success. While it's true that bosses go below the belt sometimes, fact is, your supervisor has your future inside his pocket. Your boss may display offensive behavior sometimes, but remember, he's many steps higher than you in your company's ladder and so, you need to please him in order to climb notches from said ladder.

How? If your boss is a comic sketch of a boss, it will be hard to even attempt, but you can make yourself stand better than the others in his eyes, somehow, by making the right reactions to his actions. Decoding your boss will improve your relationship with him.We know, you're no psychologist, but this is the surest way to success. We remember Christina Lee, Managing Consultant of DBM Singapore, saying that "No worker is an island so understanding your personality and those around you is essential in getting the job done."

You don't need psychology training to be able to do this. Learn how to decode your boss with these resources from Singapore's Career Guide Library:

1) Bosses play games, either to cover up their wrongs or to reinstate their power. Author Russ Wild will teach you how to play your boss' games.

2) Career and executive coach Dale Kurow shares his tips on how to choose a boss in this article. This article is addressed to job seekers, but you can find useful tips here too.

3) Dr. John C. Maxwell shares his tips on how to make connections in workplaces in this article. Singapore
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