Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ways of a "Tiger" to be a "Tiger" in a suit.

What's this popular saying about patience, again? Right, patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait -- that's what they always say. We in JobsDB Singapore don't have anything against this belief, but patience is not always the correct course of action for things, for us. Yes, patience is a good value, but this is the year of the metal tiger, remember? Patience is all about waiting on the sidelines; the tiger isn't like that.

This year is the time to take the extra mile -- we remember saying that to job seekers in one of our new year posts. We want regular employees to do the same thing. We're telling you in THIS post that we want YOU to hit the ground running for your career this year.

Most regular employees feel like they are stuck in the dark when task-less. Bosses don't give directives on a regular basis and during times of idleness, feelings of confusion and worry come to employees like rain during summer. This doesn't just communicate a sense of uselessness but is also a major waste of time. You could have acquired a new skill that time. Make a move to avoid getting those feelings. You want continuous career growth? You want things to do? Then, tell your boss those. You could request for a short meeting to tell him your concerns. Writing him an email with the things that you would like to happen is also a good action to take. Doing this is not being too pushy -- think that you're just giving suggestions.

You're not good at these kinds of things? Don't worry. As long as you communicate your goals politely, you'll be OK.

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