Monday, February 15, 2010

Be in Demand!

The key to career success this year is to be as aggressive as the tiger -- we said that in our Chinese New Year post. We provided reasons why job seekers should change their job seeking approaches for the new year in said post, but due to the positive vibes the Metal Tiger was connecting to us at that time, "forgot" to put in "how". Were you wondering about that? We didn't forget about it really -- we planned on saving those tips so that we could post it today!

Are you ready?

The only way to be in demand in today's employment market is to be aggressive in your job hunting. And this starts with fixing your career vision. The reason behind this is simple: you need to know in your heart what you're going for in order to create a good path to follow to get there. Achieving clarity helps with improving your personal brand -- with it, you will be able to connect to employers what you want and why you are the right candidate much better. It will give you a consistent persona which most employers are looking for in their candidates. To begin with, the coming true of our dreams depends on the people you meet at interviews -- might as well give all you have got in developing facts to impress their tired minds.

Finished with your vision? It's time to overhaul your resume and cover letter, then. We're not planning to serve you a buffet of pointers in here or anything to that effect, so don't worry about choking. Do you remember our resume writing blog entries? Follow the directions we wrote there and one last thing: add your newly established career vision at the top. It's like putting cherry at the top of a cup cake. This will turn your resume and cover letter into gold. Sounds too pushy? Well, that's what you want to be, right?

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Here comes the most aggressive part: network like it's the only way to survive in life. Looking for jobs online is good, but not enough. Thing is, you are just one of 100's that are doing the same thing. So we say, continue searching for jobs in online jobs databases like Singapore, and then check for networking events with your local chamber of commerce. Attending networking events will get you to meet people who can refer you to companies in need of people. Networking will enhance your chances for faster employment, in other words.

The motto to keep for this year is to be as aggressive as the tiger. To enhance your chances at employment even more, why not upgrade your qualifications by joining career seminars and workshops while you're unemployed? It's not like you look for jobs 24/7, right? Make use of your idle times wisely. Where to look for seminars? We have lots of those. In this blog entry, we featured our training and skills development arms. Go check them out.

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