Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something for Job Seekers with No Experience...

JobsDB SG Reality Bite: Singapore employers (well, most of them) have become practical. Just how "real-world" have they become? We were talking about the increase in the number of temp jobs in the country just last week. That's one proof. Contract staffing is very cost-effective. Need we say more?

Of course, the competition in the Singapore employment market has always been tough, even before the economic meltdown. However, said phenomenon made it EVEN TOUGHER for "inexperienced" job seekers to land a job. With Singapore employers embracing practicality in management, experienced job seekers will always be the ones at the top of recruitment lists for sure, leaving fresh graduates and those job seekers with little or no experience, thin chances of acing a rewarding job. Contract employment is not the answer either -- employment competition has become so rough that even experienced professionals are competing for contract opportunities.

Are we trying to put you down by saying all these? Of course not. As we have been saying since tuesday, we are devoting this whole week for job seekers, all types. Plus, we are not the ones to state a problem without offering a solution. So, what do we suggest an "inexperienced" job seeker like you to do? Just two simple things.

A good measure you can take is to make your skills set superb. Join work shops and seminars. In some job functions, experience is not the priority in applicant screening, you know. You might want to check our Career Events and LearningDB pages, now. Volunteering is also a good idea. It doesn't hurt to provide your services pro bono for a while considering what it can give you in the future. In the end, your newly attained skills will do the talking for you.

Your employment also depends on the way you market yourself. Network. You will definitely benefit form knowing "people". Start frequenting networking events and career fairs to meet people who can help you out. These people will be great references for you too.If you get an interview, convince the HR that you are the right person even though you do not have much experience by speaking well and dressing up properly.

There. If these two failed to give you a job, then we don't know what could. For more career help articles and job hunt tips, please visit our career advice section.

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