Thursday, February 11, 2010

Career Fair Essentials SG will be having Career Expo 2010 next month. Here's something in relation to that.

Many job seekers say that career fairs aren't effective. Why is that? The organizers aren't the ones to blame, really. It's a rule of thumb that preparing makes a lot of difference, but why is it that many job seekers show up unprepared at such events? Many assume that going there with copies of their resume is good enough. Although career fairs are designed to be "public" events, it pays to prepare for one like you would for an interview in a top company. Yes, such events are designed to be very public, but who are you going to meet there anyway? Plus, employment competition at career fairs is really tough -- once there, your "foes" will just be standing beside you, right?

Good career opportunities are hard to come by these days and so many people, even those with high-paying jobs, are seeing the advantages of attending job fairs. Let JobsDB SG ask you now, in a sea of competitors, a large part of which is composed of individuals who are probably better than you in terms of skills and knowledge, why should you be chosen? If you are "average" in terms of skills, how are you going to make yourself stand out? This is why we're asking you to prepare. Research. Job fair organizers create a website where they post the companies that will be attending their event. Review the list and make notes about the companies you want to apply to. This will give employers the impression that you really desire to work for them at the event and increase your chances of beating "better" applicants.

Dress to impress. Even though you're not going to a real interview, showing up in casual wear won't do you any good. Plan what to wear to increase your chances of getting actual interviews.

Lastly, practice. Remember, you're at a career fair to sell yourself. It pays to know what to say, but this does not have to be long. All you want is a script that summarizes your experience and skills.

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