Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The Right Path"

Most universities these days organize career events for their graduating students. In this short commentary, JobsDB Singapore wants to give them kudos for doing such a great thing. Fresh graduates are the most "vulnerable" job hunters, really -- career workshops need to be organized in order to prepare them for the emotional backlogs and scams of job search. JobsDB SG appreciates that the country's educational institutions effort on giving students an overview of the things in store for them in the society and tips to survive the fierce battlefield that is our country's job market. However, there are some important points that our schools missed putting in their career-related courses.

But don't get us wrong. We're not trying to imply that the government should be alarmed because our schools are lacking things. Of course not. Really, this thing is so simple. We have to admit, it sounds silly for it to be discussed in a commentary like this one, actually. But we will discuss it anyway, for its cause. What most fresh grads do not do is make the right decision on what career to opt for and in what industry. The thing is, for a fresh graduate, "this" will decide the direction of his/her future career prospects.

A degree in science is equals to a life sciences job in the future? Not necessarily so. Today we have so many sciences and arts to master that no one can be sure of what exactly are they to serve as in our future as professionals. Just because you finished engineering, doesn't mean that the industry of engineering is the only field that can accept you as a professional. The industries of telecommunications, marine, broadcasting and even health all accept engineers, don't they?

So, what should fresh graduates do? To consider their interests and academic qualifications when picking industries. The best way for them is to go for a job for which they have a keen interest in and have aptitude for. If you will be graduating soon, paying visits to professionals in the fields you are considering during your free time can help a lot. You can also bookmark our blog. Once in a while, we feature profiles which provide brief descriptions of some of the industries we cater to.

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