Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Industry Profile: Telecommunications

What's the difference between the industries of Telecommunications and Customer Service? Singapore has encountered many job seekers asking this question. Are they really different? While it's true that both these fields use telephones, the ways in which they work with said device are not the same. Customer Service professionals use the telephone to talk to people with queries and in need of assistance. Telecoms workers do more than that. You could even say that Telecommunications "unders" Customer Service. It's just that the latter has bloomed into such a big economy-developer in these past few years that it transformed into a whole industry of its own.

So, what do Telecommunications professionals "do" while at work?

JobsDB SG once interviewed professionals from Radiance Communications, one of the leading business communications providers in Singapore for Industry Focus. In said interview, we found out many kinds of job responsibilities in Telecoms, ones that didn't just involve customer solutions. Felix Hui, Technical Solutions Consultant, told us his job in Radiance Communications required him to use technical knowledge. " One reason that I enjoy my job is that I get to apply my technical knowledge from my IT degree in my daily work scope, and it gives me great job satisfaction when we are able to successfully implement a PBX system for new clients as well", he told us.

Rey Emilio D. Talam, Technical Sales Engineer in Operations, told us the same thing about the Telecom industry when we interviewed him. "I get to work on PBX implementation projects for banks, hotels and many other exciting industries", he said.

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