Friday, February 5, 2010

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 4

Would you believe? This is the last installment of our Safe Career Switches project. Thanks for all the likes. Look forward to similar career projects from SG in the future.

From Marcomms/Hospitality/Tourism to Education & Training

Marcomms and Hospitality Professionals looking to change careers have a bright future ahead of them as teachers or lecturers in the Education & Training industry. Of course, the need to enroll to teaching trainings is there but they already have the most important skill needed to succeed in this field -- self confidence or the ability to speak properly in front of other people. Mabeline Chia, Acting Principal of My First Skool shares with JobsDB Singapore, "[you get] to interact and build relationships with families, employees and other professionals from the education industry, from whom I gain useful insights concerning educating, parenting and working experiences." The field of teachers also offers an environment that is perfect for such confident individuals. "It is never a “dull moment” at work", Sukuna Suppiah Senior Training Specialist at RTRC Asia (Regional Training Resource Centre for Asia in ECCE for Asia) tells us.

And just like in the industries of Marcomms and Hospitality, the field of teachers is all about team work. Suppiah adds, "It is the warm climate of collegiality, like-minded professionals sharing their skills and knowledge and certainly the valuable autonomy given to construct one’s niche at work."

Why it is safe to reset your career in the Education & Training industry...

Look, the government funds education. It's the most stable Liberal Arts industry, needless to say. Also, if you are more of a long term goal person when it comes to career, the Education & Training Industry is where you belong. Aside from being stable it also imparts useful skills ranging from educational to practical to its practitioners. Working in the field of teaching is a really great career investment.


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