Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All About Punctuality

JobsDB.com Singapore believes that self confidence is the key to ace job interviews. We remember posting something that goes with that idea last week. Job interviews are all about selling yourself in full composure; self confidence is the only thing that could help you accomplish that goal. You will not be able to connect with the interviewer properly if you don't believe in yourself to begin with.

Are you a part of the shy crowd? If you're not confident about your people skills, there's a way in which you can portray yourself properly in your job interviews without having to patronize our talking-like-a-dictator advice. We're OK with sticking with your normal self while you're being interviewed, but don't get the idea that we're pushing you to limit your appointments by e-mail. There's no way to pass up the task of talking in job search, remember that. So, what do we want you to do? Be on time for the appointment. The key is punctuality, our dear follower. You don't need words to tell your potential employers that you're hardworking and can be trusted.

Employers expect their applicants to be on time for their respective interview appointments -- that goes without saying. They will interpret your being late for your appointment as a sign of unreliability. You don't want to be judged as someone who will never be able to meet deadlines, right? Because that means another failed job search attempt for you. Who would want to hire an unreliable person to begin with?

Having said all those, you should do your best to get in time for your job interviews. Prepare your clothes a day before. If you're not familiar with the area in which the company is located, leave early so that you will have enough time to look. You might want to try to spot the building a day before the interview to avoid the hassle altogether.

But, oh, don't arrive too early! They say that too much of everything is as bad as too little. Time it just right.

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