Thursday, March 18, 2010


These past few days, we've been so busy writing about job interviews. The hype over the topic is still here, but we figured it's about time we switch our focus on the "paper-work" department of job search. But well, this isn't entirely a 360 degree turn. What Singapore will be discussing today is designed to help job seekers market themselves during interviews. Especially to those people we've been encouraging to get out of the box since monday, the shy types, a professional portfolio can bring wonders.

What is a portfolio? The idea is this: a portfolio is who you are career-wise. Carrying a portfolio around will increase your chances for employment -- it's an additional tool that you can use to showcase your personal brand. You could say that it's the extended version of your resume, containing not only your qualifications but also your aspirations and personal passions. Yes, that sounds rather complex, but making a portfolio is actually quite easy. You just need to remember three things:

  • The sections
  • The documents to be included
  • The folder/binder

We hope you're already getting the idea. But allow us to give you some more reminders.

You don't want your portfolio to look like a trash folder of your past achievements. Having to organize is inevitable. The easiest way to arrange your portfolio is to divide it into sections. For instance, right after your cover letter and resume, place a section for your certifications. And then after that, make another for your transcripts.

Portfolios are expected to reach the 20-page mark. You will want to use binders since they are capable of holding many pages in a tidy way.

And oh, keep you portfolio up to date. Don't stop asking for recommendations to put in it.You're doing this for your career success after all.

On a side note:

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