Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Cope with Job Loss and Some Other Things..

Yes, many people are grateful for our career advice articles, but we've been taking our battle against unemployment a bit off the right direction all along to be honest with you. We've been focusing too much on the technicalities of job search. All this time, we've been so busy giving tips to job seekers that we've forgotten to take into consideration what they feel about their loss. Job search is not just about making yourself the best -- it's also an emotional roller coaster with many unappealing criss and cross. It's an issue of self esteem; job seekers need emotional support too, considering how stressful losing a source of income and identity is. Here's to fill in that gap.

Enough with the musing, here's Singapore's take on coping with job loss. Actually, we have only two things to say and both of them boil down to the idea of taking the crisis as an opportunity.

Losing a job is like losing a relative; what follows is a feeling of grief. Emotions of anger and fear will come to you after and so it's important that you surround yourself with people for support. Take this as an opportunity to bond with your relatives, for instance.

"Your profession defines who you are" -- that's what they say. Losing a job is like losing identification; it can be very frustrating. The most effective way to be able to work through this is to take your mind off of this notion. Don't mind what others think, look for ways to improve your self esteem. Again, think of the crisis as an opportunity. This period can be a great opportunity to evaluate your skills and generate new career options.

But if the depression gets too severe, don't hesitate to seek assistance from a counselor. Or us. Feel free to drop us a message should that happen. We're more than willing to help. You can reach us at

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On a side note:
For most people, 2009 was a bad year. The recent global crisis was so bad, people are still having difficulties finding a job this new year. Despite the improvements in Q4 last year, many of the job seekers we've talked to recently think that there's still scarcity in jobs and that they're losing hope ever finding one.

Indeed, many lost their jobs last year. Singapore is trying its best to help them land a job asap. We've been diligently posting career articles for job seekers in this blog of ours since late last year, hoping that what we know can improve their job hunting. From resume writing tips to strategies to ace job interviews, we hope that we've somehow made your otherwise "hopeless" job search better. This post was made for the same purpose.