Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reaching Out to Your Boss

We have to admit that we've been favoring job seekers these past few days -- our posts were mostly about job search. Well, the global crisis was really something; the economy is still tipsy after its assault. We can't just stand here doing nothing for those who lost their jobs. JobsDB.com Singapore's business is to assist people with their job search after all.

Do you miss our career development posts? We haven't forgotten you. Here's something new for your library of favorites.

We remember writing about bosses last month. We found the time to read said post again and realized that it missed a lot of points. The article plainly encouraged employees to decode their bosses' moods for the betterment of their careers. It didn't give tips. This is to fill in that gap. We'll keep this simple.

It all boils down to healthy communication. Your boss isn't talking to you? Many bosses choose not to reach out to their employees. Don't use that to argue with us. Be the one to take the responsibility for the relationship. Work to make it work. Your boss doesn't share with you his calendar? Ask him for details. Send him messages frequently.

Aside from asking him details, also keep your boss updated through your emails. Update him with the latest about you. And don't edit out bad news. While a typical boss dread hearing bad news, telling him early beats can earn you a savior's badge. Of course, you must include possible solutions too.

Is your boss the type to call unexpected meetings? Well, you're a lucky one. You just have to muster enough courage to be able to tell him your plans and ask him his expectations in one go.


Decoding Your Boss

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