Monday, March 22, 2010

What's Scheduled | Reminders and "Shameless Self-promotions" from SG will be very busy these coming weeks. Wait, make that the whole Singapore family. We were just reminded by our ever reliable calendar that we scheduled the 2010 edition of Singapore's only paper-less career and education exhibition to take part on March 26 - 28. Yup, just 3 more days to go! Are you currently looking for job opportunities? Well, have you already marked your calendar for Career Expo 2010? Go to for more information. CE2010 can be your guidepost to career success, we're telling you. Many exhibitors will be attending the expo!

Here's another snippet that you need to know: Career Events' tie-up with Career Expo 2010 gave birth to two must-attend career workshops. We've already posted information on these phenomenal two in this blog a few weeks ago, but since this is a reminder post, here are the details again. Career Events in partnership with CE2010 will be having "Steps to Landing the "Dream" Job" and "Presenting Yourself at Your Best" on March 26 and 27, respectively.

"Steps to Landing the "Dream" Job" with professional trainer Wong Kok Wah will "equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills on Resume Writing and Interview Skills to embark on your path of career success". "Presenting Yourself at Your Best", on the other hand, "will guide you through on how to create an everlasting impression and how to network at social or business meetings". The bonus? Celebrities in their own rights, Audrey Quek and Eric Feng will be training you for this seminar. For enquiries, please call Pei Yan or Linc at
6861 1000 or email us at

Wait, there's more from Career Events. It has "Your Handwriting Tells on You" in store for the month of April. For those interested to learn about handwriting analysis or graphology, this is a must-attend. Pei Yan and Linc are also the ones to call for more information on this seminar. hopes to give you excitement this coming April. SG's professional training arm will be having ASSAP2010's series of seminars mid-April. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here's's April calendar as of present:

April 2010
8 Apr Activate your Listening Skills
9 Apr Win-win Negotiation Skills
9 Apr Effective Technical Writing Skills
15-16 Apr Strategic Pricing & Costing
16 Apr Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery
20 Apr ASSAP 2010 : One-Day Conference - Gaining the Professional Edge
21 Apr ASSAP 2010 - Workshop A: Personal Excellence in the Workplace
22 Apr ASSAP 2010 - Workshop B: Think Smart, Work Smarter
23 Apr ASSAP 2010 - Workshop C: Time and Stress Management