Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking for a Job? Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help.

What's wrong with asking for help if help is really needed? JobsDB Singapore believes that job hunting has become so intense that these days, "playing with pride" won't harvest anything; there's nothing wrong with asking for help to be able to face our country's fierce job market in full composure. Others might think that pleading for assistance in this kind of affair is a sign of weakness and lack of independence but, in today's tough employment market, it's the most practical thing to do, really. Your pride won't be the one to get you to your dreams of career success -- it's doing the most "practical and effective" strategy, which is asking for help, that will do that for you.

Asking for help is a great way to be branded with a determined character -- in other words, it's a good action to take when job hunting. When job hunting, you are trying to sell yourself, right? Calling people to ask for referrals is not being too pushy. It's called networking and we've always been into telling our followers to start networking to increase their chances at landing a job. Seeking assistance is totally acceptable behavior, believe us.

Seeking assistance from an expert in your field of interest (the field that you have chosen to explore to look for a job) is a good way of asking for help. Visit your former professors -- you can get a lot of tips from them. Attending career workshops and career fairs like the upcoming Career Expo 2010 (mark your calendar!) can also help as such events are designed not just to provide you the information you need but also lead you to useful contacts.

You can also ask for help through online career forums. The people in forums have the same goals as you -- to land a job asap -- and so, going to these places is great for moral support. Recruiters also frequent career forums. Who knows, you might meet one who got impressed with what you've shown as a member?

And of course, don't forget us. Singapore's business is to help job seekers with their endeavors -- you know that, right? Just tell us when you need help. We're here to lend you a hand.

To summarize,

When looking for a job, there's nothing wrong with asking for help from the following:

  • Experts from your field of choice,
  • Former professors,
  • People in career workshops and fairs,
  • People in career forums on the internet, and of course,
  • Singapore

Good luck with your job hunting!

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