Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Stay Productive Regardless of Your Age

They say that productivity is the child of youth. Yes, that's true, but still, Singapore believes that employment after 50 is plausible.

Are you already in your late 50s? Senility shouldn't stop you from being productive. There are ways in which you can keep on advancing your career regardless of your age. Plus, there are tons of job opportunities out there that prefer experienced candidates like you. SG recently interviewed Ong Teong Wan, Consulting Partner for Corporate Training at SIM and Honorary Advisor to STADA on Professional Development to inspire you. Still a part of the Singapore workforce at age 72, Mr. Ong shared to us inspiring words. A believer of the concept of "effective aging", he told us his take on how seniors workers could enhance their careers and lives further. Here's a snippet of our interview with him for your reading pleasure:

What advice do you have, in terms of ‘active aging’, for both older jobseekers/workers, and hiring companies?

"We can do less work instead of no work, balance it with relaxation, leisure pursuits, helping others in dire need of assistance or contribute to the community to make it better. Re-orientating values means balancing self-interest with other’s needs to lead a balanced life. Having meaningful work to do, paid or unpaid, in later years helps to maintain one’s self-esteem which is vital for mental health as well as physical health. This is effective aging.

Some may question, “Who wants to employ you at this age?” The internet provides limitless opportunities for creative alternative avenues of low risk work from home or in premises outside. It is not just a source of interesting facts, happenings and trivia."

Mr. Ong also shared to us his views on the current employment market and tips for managers about staff retention. This is also a must-read for managers.

We will be uploading the complete interview @ soon, so please stay tuned. Need more career advice? You might want to check out our past Ask an Expert articles. We have experts' advice on web design and blogging, consultancy, asking to succeed, and many more in said section.

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