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JobsDB SG's Top Reads for Career Development

Once in a while, we feature good books in this blog of ours. We want all our followers to "touch" as much resources as they can for career success, hence our continuous search for good books to feature here and in our Good Reading section. Just last month, actually, as a part of our "job seeker week", we featured books that we figured could improve our followers' job search. We've done our share for job seekers; today's post is for professionals and workers with problems in their careers.

Having problems with your boss? Already ran out of motivation to continue to work? Whatever your problems are in your working life, these books can help you in one way or another. Here are JobsDB Singapore's top reads for career development:

1) "Building Character: Strengthening the Heart of Good Leadership"

So, you want to be promoted? Well, are you deserving to begin with? Contemplate: are you ready to be a leader? Building Character is a good book for people aiming to get promoted. Being used by many universities in their leadership programs, this book by Dr. Gene Klann presents ideas in a unique way. Instead of stating facts in simple chapter by chapter form, Dr. Gene presents his leadership skills tips with scenarios of leadership character dilemmas. And there's more. This book is a treasure chest, really. Some of the books other highlights include:

  • A clear framework for developing strong leaders that includes examples of inspiring role models like Winston Churchill and Napoleon
  • The importance of challenging work experiences
  • Leadership character training and organizational culture
  • A checklist of good leader behaviour
  • A personal values self-assessment

2) "Executive Stamina: How to Optimize Time, Energy, and Productivity to Achieve Peak Performance"

It may not seem that important, but motivation plays an important role in the corporate world. It's that one thing that keeps the primary elements of "business" moving. Truth be told, many employees resign due to lack of motivation. We're not planning to lecture you if your reason for resigning is this, but before you submit that goodbye letter to your boss, we suggest that you consider the current state of our job market first. Unless you already have a new opportunity waiting outside, it's best to postpone any career moves for now and give your company another shot. But what about motivation? Read this book by Joshua Seldman and Dr. Marty Seldman to find your answer.

Executive Stamina combines the wisdom and methodology of the best executive coaching with the cutting-edge training techniques of world-class athletes to help busy, stressed-out executives achieve peak performance. You'll build stamina and optimize your job performance through:

  • Progressive workout plans
  • Taking control of your calendar
  • Stamina-building nutrition programs
  • Dealing with distracting people who waste your time
  • A personalized stress-management plan
  • Recognizing change and understanding its implications
  • Identifying high-payoff activities

3) "E-Mail Etiquette"

In today's corporate world, e-mail is a principal means of communication. But while e-mailing is convenient, it's harder to "talk" using this means. Proper grammar, formality, and logicality are just some of the many things that you need to mind when writing corporate e-mails. If you're not confident about your e-mail writing skills, this book by Shirley Taylor can help.

Seasoned author and trainer Shirley Taylor shows you how to create electronic rapport and achieve the right results from your e-mails. You will learn how to enhance your reputation as a caring communicator, and present yourself and your organisation in a positive light. In her usual clear, straightforward style, Shirley gives practical guidance on how you can make e-mail work for you, including:

  • Maximising the potential of e-mail
  • Looking good online
  • Writing clear, effective messages
  • Structuring messages logically
  • Developing rapport through e-mail
  • Managing your mailbox
  • Practising safe e-mail
  • Nurturing your netiquette

4) "Detox Your Desk: Declutter Your Life and Mind"

Clutter, Clutter, Clutter. If you have clutter in your desk, spare some time and clean the mess asap! Why, it could cause you to lose interest in your work. A clean desk is all it takes to be able to get the job done.

Written by Theo Theobald & Cary Cooper, Detox Your Desk helps you fight back by purging your system of office toxins, so you can take control of the everyday stuff and calmly field whatever lands in your in-tray.

More good reads to come... stay tuned.


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